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Fence in winter

Winter Fence Maintenance

B & B Fencing, Inc. Helps Keep Your Fence Strong During the Winter

Choose B & B Fencing, Inc. for the best quality winter fence maintenance assistance in Riner, VA. The winter months bring a wide variety of challenges from the weather. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain can cause havoc on your schedules and your home. Your fence is no exception. Each element you deal with, including snow and sub-zero temperatures, play a role. Those can create a series of problems. This includes trees coming down, dirt left over from salt, and more.

Not taking care of those issues can impact your property value in a negative fashion. Make sure you are keeping your fence looking its best year-round. In this month’s blog, we give you tips on helping your fence make it through the winter.

Make Sure You Keep a Close Eye on Your Trees for Hanging Limbs

Do you have trees around your fence? What shape are those limbs in? Do they look like they are about to fall, or are they attached securely? Those could impact the structural integrity of your fence. Make sure that you trim them back from time to time. Snow and other elements can make these issues a problem. The added weight can make the weakest limbs fall over easy. If you keep these trimmed, that will ensure you end up helping you keep your risk for damage as minor as possible.

Do You Have Leaves Around Your Fence? Get Rid of Them Now

Are there leaves still on the ground from the fall? Are they hanging around your fence? Dispose of them right away now. Some of this is because of the wind blowing them around. If you leave them pile up, that could mean trouble for the structure. Leaves can lock in moisture, Depending on what material your fence is, it can cause serious damage. That can lead into serious trouble with rusting and warping. Your problems may also include the arrival of unwanted bugs and insects, which could end up in your home. This emphasizes the need to stay ahead of your fencing needs.

Keep Your Fence Area as Clear as Possible from Snow

Did you recently have a snowstorm hit your property? How much snow accumulated on your property? Have you cleared it from your fence? You do not need a full removal of the snow around those areas, but you need a good bit of that. Keep the tallest snow drifts from your exterior protection. It is important that you find a way to make sure that the fence area remains dry. This will help save you money on your fence maintenance costs in the future.

Avoid Attaching Anything to Your Fence

Think about what you use your outdoor spaces for. Do you have a playground type set up for your kids? Do you host neighborhood or family parties? Make sure you don’t allow a chance for objects to get attached to your fence. Do you leave outside ladders, sleds, slides, your grills, etc.? Never store them up against the fence you have. They could be as problematic as snow as it piles upon these objects. It is better that you store these items in your shed or garage until the weather changes.

Be Sure to Keep Up with Your Year-Round Fence Maintenance Plan

Every style of fencing has a different need for proper and safe maintenance. You will not have to treat a metal fence the same way you take care of vinyl. The winter season takes various tolls on each form of fencing products. If repairs become necessary, you should not waste any time to get that work done. Failing to get repairs may result in a total demolition and replacement of your fence.

That can create several extra costs. These costs will depend on the construction material and the size of the damage. The size of your fence will also play a role in what kind of bill you are going to pay. Do you need more information for your consideration? Check out these exceptional resources available through Home Advisor.

B & B Fencing Inc. Offers Superior Winter Fence Maintenance Service

Choose B & B Fencing Inc. in Riner, VA when you need help with maintaining your fence through the winter. Our qualified staff knows what it takes for keeping your fence looking its best all year. We offer the best advice for fence maintenance and repair during the winter months. Our team knows you invest a lot in your fence. Let us help you maximize your investment for years to come.

We are proud of our 35 years of quality service. We invite you to find out why our friends and neighbors trust us. Reach us today when you want an appointment and a free quote when you want a quality fence maintenance job. We finish all of our work at an exceptional price.


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