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Should You Buy or Rent a Commercial Fence?

Plan Your Fence Rentals Early for Commercial Projects

When planning a commercial project, the question may cross your mind – should you buy or rent a commercial fence? The answer depends on your business and the type of projects you may have. There are many factors that can play into what type of fence will work best. This month, we’re going to focus on chain link fence rentals. Or would it be better to purchase one?

Even though we’re currently in winter, we know that project planning doesn’t stop. If you’re working on your next construction job, or you have recently moved into a warehouse, consider a chain link fence. Let us explain some of the benefits of chain link fence rentals and help you to make the decision whether you’ll buy or rent.


Does It Help to Own a Chain Link Fence?

Depending on your company, it may help to own a chain link fence instead of constantly renting. If you own a large warehouse and want a chain link fence for security reasons, buying may be more cost-effective. Fixr found that the national average for temporary fence rentals in 2021 was $225 per month. If you rent a fence for a year, this can cost you $2,700, not including any maintenance or repairs.

If your business is stationary, consider purchasing the fence. That way, you can take it with you if your business would ever move. You can also save money in monthly rental costs by making the purchase. Better yet, buying a fence from B & B Fencing comes with service from our quality fence contractors. We can properly install the fence or make needed repairs later.


Consider How Often Your Job Site Moves

As we mentioned above, a business that doesn’t move may do best with buying a commercial fence. That way, you can save on monthly costs. However, if you are frequently moving with short projects, renting may be the way to go. Most construction projects require fences for safety purposes. The idea of packing up that fence after every project may sound ridiculous. Where would you store the fence in the off-season, or how would you transport it? In these cases, renting a fence is your best bet. B & B Fencing, Inc., offers fence delivery, set-up, and tear-down. Let our fence contractors make renting a fence easier for you.


Choosing the Right Commercial Fence to Rent or Buy

You may hear “commercial fence” and immediately picture a tall, silver, chain link fence. However, there are a few other options that you can choose from for your business. Bob Vila mentions a few of these options, including:


Galvanized chain link. The standard “chain link” you may think of for a commercial site. Galvanized fences do not rust and are great for long-term use.

Vinyl. Did you know that some chain link fences are coated in vinyl? This makes for easy cleaning and adds some style. Vinyl fences can work well for warehouses or businesses with heavy foot-traffic. Vinyl also protects the metal from the elements.

Wood or Metal with Mesh. Adding mesh to a wood or metal fence helps to fill the gaps and catch any debris. The wood or metal base adds some style and durability to the fence. Keep in mind, however, that these fences may require maintenance over time.


Now that you have a few more options in mind, you may realize that purchasing a commercial fence can help your business. Make a call to B & B Fencing, Inc., to learn more about what we have to offer in and around Riner, VA.


Do You Really Need a Fence for Your Commercial Project?

You may be reading this and think, “Why would I rent or buy a fence? My commercial property is fine without one.” We kindly disagree. In some cases, you may need some type of fence to protect passersby from your site. You may also want a fence to keep those same people from entering the site and even stealing from it.

If you have a large warehouse or parking lot space, a commercial fence can help here, too. Keep unwanted guests and even some pests out with a chain link or other fence. Some fences can have electrical wires or spikes at the top to add more protection to your property.


Choose B & B Fencing, Inc., for Chain Link Fence Rentals and More

Now that winter is upon us, your business may be planning the next round of projects once the weather breaks. Make sure you’re ready with the proper fence rentals to protect your job site and those around it. B & B Fencing, Inc., offers chain link fence rentals and sales in Riner, VA, and the New River Valley. Our fence contractors can put up and take down your fence.


Are you looking for an experienced fence contractor in the New River Valley? Call B & B Fencing, Inc., in Riner, VA, today at (540) 392-5727 for more information on our fence services. We can answer the question, “Should you buy or rent a commercial fence?”