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Repairing or Replacing a Fence

B&B Fencing Helps with Decisions on Repairing or Replacing a Fence

If you are weighing the options of repairing or replacing a fence, B&B Fencing in Riner, VA offers some help. Does your fence look like it is rundown or falling apart? Have you noticed that parts are missing from your home’s exterior border? Do you have a fence made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, or other material?

There are several factors that you should consider before repairing or replacing a fence. What you might think is a large problem, may need just a simple fix. You could also think what looks like a small project might be a sign of disaster. That goes for wood, aluminum, vinyl, or any other kind of fencing. No matter what your situation, you have plenty to consider before deciding between fixing a fence or fence replacement.

Common Problems Associated With Different Fence Types

The exact problems each fence deals with depends on what kind of fence you have on your property. Some may have a wood fence, others prefer vinyl’s appearance, and still, others enjoy aluminum. We must first consider what each type of fence deals with throughout the typical year, so let’s take a look. This can help decide between a fence repair and a fence replacement project.

Wood fencing tends to have more damage than a synthetic material due to its natural material. They are prone to problems from the elements, insects, moisture, and other environmental factors. Discoloration, warping, and splintering are part of the problems you may see. If you can redirect pooling water, that can help lessen wood’s appeal to insects.

Vinyl fencing is normally a maintenance-free option for property owners. However, some damage can happen at any time. This is even more of an issue when winter weather hits. Large snowstorms may result in vehicles, large debris, or equipment causing serious damages.

Aluminum fencing has great durability, but there are parts that may need occasional repair or attention. Accident damages, as well as shifting soil, can affect how loose your fence posts can get overtime.

When is Fence Replacement Better Than Fence Repair?

How much of your fence has suffered serious damage? That amount goes a long way in deciding whether you must do a full replacement. You could also choose to replace when the repair options are too difficult for you to handle. Determine if more than 20 percent of the fence panels or pickets have noticeable damage. Another sign is that your fence no longer stands effectively. This goes for any type of fencing you may have.

What Impacts the Cost of Most Fence Repairs?

When it comes to repair, there are several variables that impact the cost. If your fence is leaning, that is a sign it was not installed right during construction. Fallen fences can be the result of weather or a car accident. Missing boards or sections, holes or cracks, rotting, and rust can also have an impact on the repair costs.

Those repairs cost on average can range from as little as $125 and can be as expensive as $500. Do you want to learn more about the impacts of these costs? Angi.com has tremendous resources for you to consider when deciding how to handle your fence repair and fence replacement work.

What Considerations Should You Give to Fence Replacement Projects?

Your fence replacement project depends on the type and quantity of materials needed for the work. Some fence replacements can cost between $15 to $100 per foot depending on your material. Wood, aluminum chain links, and vinyl tend to be less expensive than other premium fencing, such as tempered safety glass. Gates, height, and posts can also play a role in the costs. You may also need to decide if you can do the replacement yourself or hire a professional. It helps to have the proper tools and experience for installing aluminum, wood, vinyl or any other type of fencing.

Trust a Fencing Professional for Repairing or Replacing a Fence

Fence repair and fence replacement work should be done by a person trained to handle these situations. Installing wood fencing usually takes at least two people to complete. Your contractor will know if you need a permit for fence repairs and construction for your property. They will also know if you need a housing association’s approval and who is responsible for payment.

B&B Fencing is Ready for Your Fence Repair and Replacement Projects

When you need help deciding between fence repair and fence replacement, trust B&B Fencing in Riner, VA. Our skilled workers know what to look for when deciding if you need fence repair or fence replacement. We install wood fencing, vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing. We also work with farm, chain link, wrought iron, and animal fences. Our experts are ready to meet whatever your fencing repair or fence replacement needs may be.

In Riner, Virginia, and surrounding areas, contact B&B Fencing Inc at (540) 392-5727. We are happy to discuss more about repairing or replacing a fence.