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Proper Fence Maintenance to Prolong the Lifespan of the Fence

Fence Maintenance Is Important for Longevity

When it comes to owning a fence, proper fence maintenance is crucial to the longevity. Weather, age, and regular wear and tear can do a number on any fence material. No matter the type, your fence can fall victim to damage without the proper maintenance.

Fences are great ways to add privacy, curb appeal, and value to your property. If the fence has any damage or chips, or is falling apart, then it will have an adverse effect on your property. Why spend the time and money on a new fence if you do not want to keep up with the maintenance?

Last month, we discussed how to choose the right fence, and we touched on different materials that require more maintenance than others. Today, we’re going to explain more about proper fence maintenance and how to do this on your own time. The longer the fence goes without maintenance, the more costly repairs can be – and you may have to replace the fence if there is too much damage.


Different Types of Fences Require Different Types of Maintenance

Keep in mind that different types of fencing require different types of maintenance. Many home and business owners will opt for vinyl or aluminum fences to lessen the need for maintenance. Those with animal fences or farm fences may find that they need to replace rails, wire, or posts every so often to keep their animals safe. Those with metal fences may notice chips, rust, and wear as the fence ages. This is normal! It’s important, however, to stay up on this maintenance before the fence becomes damaged or needs replaced.

Some fences, like vinyl, only need the right cleaning supplies and water for cleaning. Others like wood or metal may need repainted, stained, and properly treated. We’ll get more into each of these.


Keep Wooden Fences Looking Great Year-Round

Many homeowners dream of the white picket fence, usually made of wood. While wooden fences are a timeless addition to a property, they do require annual maintenance to keep them looking great. This maintenance can include anything from a new stain or coat of paint, to replacing damaged posts or rails. HGTV suggests that if your wooden fence was pressure-treated, you do not need to use a sealant for added protection. If your fence is not treated, be sure to find a sealant and apply it as directed.


Tips to Clean Vinyl Fences and Aluminum Fences

Most property owners know vinyl fences and aluminum fences for their low-maintenance qualities. However, both fence types can fall victim to mildew, stains, and weathering as they age. The Spruce reminds us that vinyl fences do not scratch or peel, and can work well for those with pets and children. This also makes them a great option for around swimming pools or in yards. If they do get dirty, owners can spray them down with water or use soap to remove stains and mildew.

Similarly, aluminum fences are just as convenient as vinyl. Family Handyman mentions that aluminum does not rust and won’t chip with the right coating.


Wrought Iron Fences and Metal Fences Need Maintenance, Too

When you’re looking into a metal or wrought iron fence, remember that they will need regular maintenance, too. Metal fences can rust if not properly treated, and paint chips and scratches can speed up that process. Remember to check over the paint and patch any chips or cracks when you find them. This will help to prolong the life of the fence and help you to get your money’s worth.

If you’re not looking for a fence that will need this much attention, consider an aluminum fence. Modern styles can mimic the look of wrought iron or metal without the need for consistent painting or cleaning.


Are There Any Fence Types That Do Not Require Maintenance?

As we’ve covered, most fences will need some kind of maintenance over time. Vinyl is one of the most low-maintenance of the bunch, and treated wood can withstand the elements much longer than non-treated wood. Fences like chain link or woven wire may last much longer even without maintenance, but be sure to inspect them every year. Replacing missing wire and broken sections will help to maintain the integrity of the fence.

While we mentioned that chain link and woven wire fences are the least likely to need maintenance, keep in mind why you own these fences. If it’s to keep pets in or animals out, consider a regular fence inspection. This will find potential weak spots and can make sure the fence is still doing its job of protecting your animals.


B & B Fencing, Inc., is Here to Help with Fence Repair and Installation

Sometimes maintenance cannot fix a fence, or the fence may be too far gone for a quick coat of paint. B & B Fencing, Inc., is a trusted fence contractor in the New River Valley. We offer new fence installation and repair for our residential and commercial customers. If your fence is damaged or needs any repair, our team can help. Reach out today for tips on maintenance or to schedule repairs in Riner, VA, or the surrounding areas.


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