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Maintenance for Wood Fences

B&B Fencing Inc. Helps You Maintain the Quality of Your Wood Fences

When you need maintenance for wood fences, count on B&B Fencing Inc. Wood offers a traditional fencing option to your property. It adds curb appeal through a variety of styles sure to be pleasing to everyone. Wood also offers easy installation for you. But, like everything else in life those fences will need maintenance.

Weather, everyday accidents, and more can influence your needs for wood fence repairs. Do you know what you need to do for proper wooden fence maintenance? Make sure you follow these simple steps. These will help maintaining your wood fencing simple and keep it looking great.

Learn the Pros and Cons of Building a Wooden Fence

While these fences can be expensive to build, wood fences offer a wide variety of benefits for the long haul. They offer exceptional privacy, containment, security, noise reduction, and a tremendous design element. Maintenance, lack of consensus, expenses, hassle, and wildlife can cause major headaches. That is why you should learn everything you can about wood fences and proper maintenance.

Understand the Most Common Causes of Wood Fence Damages

Over the life of your wood fence, it can take on a wide variety of damage because of a variety of sources. Corrosion, holes or gaps, sagging gate, stains, tilted posts, and warping are some of them. Each of these options can create a variety of problems for the life of your wood fence.

You should play close attention for whenever these problems show themselves. It is critical you attend to these problems sooner than later. That is because that could lead to more costly projects in the future.

What Is the Best Maintenance for a Wood Fence?

There are a few things you will need for proper wood fence maintenance. You need a pressure washer, gardening and rubber gloves, safety glasses, and hammer. Staining, paintbrush, baking soda, vinegar and a spray bottle are optional. Make sure you remove weeds or other stray plants first.

Pressure wash the whole fence from all ends. Once you have completed this, apply stains if you want and it is best that you paint two coats. Do you want to learn more about proper cleaning techniques? Check out the tremendous resources available through Angi.

Make Sure You Clean Your Fencing Every two to three Years

You should have your wood fences cleaned every two to three years for a long, durable life for your fencing. Clean the wood of any dirty, moss, mildew, and graying. Make sure you recoat with UV inhibiting and water-repellent coating products. Once you make your repairs, remove any moss or loose, peeling paints until you can see your new wood.

Finish off the work with a power washer. If you have mold on the fence, mix a solution of 20 percent bleach and 80 percent mild detergent. Make sure you spray it on the fence before washing it. This is a tremendous tool for helping kill any mold spores and help prevent their return.

Remember to Reseal or Paint After Each Fencing Cleaning

You should always apply new paints or stains after every three to five years. Sometimes take care of things even sooner is better. Make sure you use exterior oil-based stain or latex paints. They will help you keep moisture out, prevent wood rot, and limit the weather’s impact on the structure.

Make sure you let the wood dry for at least one week before applying a sealant or stain. You can use a brush or power sprayer with a tip that should get used for stains. Those get applied thinner than paints.

Remember You Can Always Hire a Professional for Getting the Job Done

If you do not feel safe doing the work yourself, that is ok. Hire a professional that you trust in every aspect. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that every paint, stain, and dirt comes off your wood fences. Superior maintenance is necessary for the lifespan of your wood fences. No one wants corrosion, warping, or other damage showing. Make sure you pay close attention to your fencing. It could go a long way to maximizing the life span of your fence.

Call B&B Fencing Inc. for First-Rate and Proper Vinyl Fence Maintenance

For the best quality wood fence maintenance, count on the team at B&B Fencing Inc. in Riner, VA. Our superior workers will keep your wood fence looking its best all year long. Our team knows what to look for from warping to holes, and everything in between.

They also know how you can safely maintain wooden fencing for the best possible results. We can help you find the best paints and stains for keeping your wood looking its best. Count on us for all of your fence maintenance needs. Reach out to us today for an appointment and an estimate.

For more information on maintenance for wood fences, call B&B Fencing Inc. at (540) 392-5727. Our team of professionals have the experience you need for any type of fencing. We are happy to discuss more about maintenance for wood fences.