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Know the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fences Before Installation

Are You Considering a Vinyl Fence for Your Property?

When looking into a new fence, consider the pros and cons of vinyl fences. Vinyl is a common material for fences, windows, doors, and other important features of a home or business. It is an affordable investment, low maintenance, and very versatile. But, like all fence materials, there are some disadvantages to vinyl.

This month we’re going to explore the many pros and cons of vinyl fences and if they will work for you. There are many different fence options that can suit your property, and we urge you to consider these factors before installation.


Vinyl Fences are Incredibly Low Maintenance

One selling point of vinyl fences is that they are incredibly low maintenance. Unlike wood or metal, there is no need to worry about sealing or repainting every year. Most home or business owners will be able to wipe down their fence with soap and warm water. As The Spruce reminds us, mold and mildew may appear overtime on the fence. As long as you keep up with cleaning, this should not affect the integrity of the fence.

If you are looking for a fence that will not need much attention over the years, vinyl may be right for you. They are great for pools, privacy, and just to add style to the area.


More Affordable Investment Compared to Other Fence Materials

Vinyl fences are also popular due to their affordability. The initial cost may seem high in comparison to wood. However, Home Advisor mentions that there is a lower cost because they are easier to install. Vinyl fences have panels that simply connect together and are quick to install and even to repair.

According to The Spruce article above, the average cost of a vinyl fence is $3,600, and a wood fence cost is around $2,800. As we mentioned, vinyl doesn’t require maintenance, making the overall investment more budget friendly. If you’re paying hourly, you will find smaller labor costs with vinyl, too.


Vinyl Fences Can Match Your Property Seamlessly

Vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, vinyl can mimic the look of wood and come in darker colors. Many property owners choose vinyl over wrought iron or metal due to it’s low-maintenance and affordability. Because vinyl is so versatile, it’s easy to mimic these looks with the right colors and textures. You can also find additional styles like picket or full panel to add privacy. Keep in mind, however, you won’t be able to paint or stain a vinyl fence. If you choose a bold color, make sure it is a color you will love for years.


Vinyl Fences Can Be Great for Security Fences

If you’re looking for a privacy fence, vinyl is a great option. Vinyl can come in full panels that can block any sight-line to a yard, swimming pool, or other area. They come in any size and their easy maintenance allow them to be anywhere on your property. Add caps or a lattice topper to maintain style while keeping unwanted guests out.


Cons of Vinyl Fences for Your Home or Business

As you can see, there are a few pros that may take the cake for vinyl. But it’s good to consider the potential disadvantages that we’ve touched on. Some of these can include:

High up-front cost. As we mentioned above, vinyl does have a higher initial installation cost than other fence materials. While you will make this up on their lack of maintenance, it may not work for your budget.

Difficult repairs. While repairs for wood or metal can be quickly replaced, a damaged vinyl fence may not be as easy. In most cases, dents or scratches will result in a whole panel being replaced instead of a fast repair. This job isn’t exactly difficult, but it could be expensive.

Vinyl cannot change colors or stains. If you choose a bold colored fence, you won’t be able to change it later. Many home and business owners will opt for neutral colors to match their space for years to come.

Not weatherproof. While vinyl is a durable fence option, they may experience damage due to the elements.

May attract algae or mold. We briefly touched on algae and mold staining. If you use a vinyl fencing around a swimming pool or sprinkler, you may notice algae, mold, or mildew stains.

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for fences. The fence contractors at B & B Fencing, Inc., can help. We can help you determine whether or not a vinyl fence will work well at your property.


Ask B & B Fencing, Inc., About Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fences

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of vinyl fences, we hope you can make a well-informed decision before installation. B & B Fencing, Inc., offers vinyl fence installation and repair in Riner, VA, and throughout the New River Valley. Speak with our knowledgeable fence contractors today for more information on our residential and commercial services.


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