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Are You Searching for the Right Fence for a Home or Business?

Finding perfect residential and commercial fences can be difficult. There are many things to consider when making this decision, like budget, durability, and maintenance. The need for the fence can also dictate which one will work best, like privacy, protection, or curb appeal.

This month we’re going to explore the different types of residential and commercial fences B & B Fencing, Inc., has to offer. Some fence materials will work best in residential or commercial settings, and some will work well for both. Our experienced fence contractors will be happy to answer any questions you may have on residential fences and commercial fences.


Keep Durability and Maintenance in Mind for Commercial Fences

When choosing a fence for an office, industrial site, or construction site, there are extra steps to consider. You want to know that the commercial fence you choose will hold up for years and require little maintenance. Vinyl fences and chain link fences are common options for businesses who don’t want to worry much about their fence. Property owners can quickly spray down vinyl fencing, and chain link does not require much maintenance.


Considering Wood Fences for Homes and Businesses

Wood fences are great as residential fences; however some business owners may enjoy the timeless look on their property. Wood fences require regular maintenance to ensure that they do not rot or decay. Annual sealing and staining is necessary to keep wood fences looking great. If this is something you want to work into your business plan, then a wood fence will do great. But as we mentioned above, it’s important to consider if a high-maintenance fence would be worth it for commercial use.


Vinyl Fences Can Work for Any Property and Budget

Vinyl fences are a tried-and-true option for those looking for low-maintenance, low-cost fencing. Vinyl is a common fence choice due to its budget friendliness and less need for maintenance. The Spruce also mentions that vinyl fences are insect-proof, will not splinter or rot, and can come in many styles. This means that you can choose just about any color or style, including wood-grain textures and paneling.

Vinyl fencing works well as both a residential fence and commercial fence option because of its versatility. Vinyl is opaque, so it works great as a privacy fence. If you live or work in a busy city or neighborhood, there is no way for onlookers to peek through. Vinyl can also mimic the look of a picket fence, but doesn’t come with the maintenance. If you want a beautiful fence without having to worry about upkeep, consider vinyl.


Wrought Iron Fences to Add Elegance to Homes and Offices

A fence option that can enhance curb appeal is wrought iron. Wrought iron fences are a beautiful addition to any home or office space, but they are mainly for curb appeal. They may also come with a higher price tag than vinyl or aluminum options.

Wrought iron fences do not provide much privacy or protection, making them a better option for residential fences or for offices. Those in industrial settings would most likely not benefit from adding a wrought iron fence to their property.

Also be sure to consider the maintenance involved with wrought iron fences. They may chip or rust over time, so it is crucial to keep them clean and painted. DoItYourself.com also reminds owners that wrought iron can withstand effects from the elements fairly faster than other options. While they aren’t best for a large commercial lot, many homes and some offices can enhance their property with these fences.


Chain Link Fences Can Protect Pedestrians at Construction Sites

When thinking of the perfect residential fence, many homeowners may not want this as their choice. However, many commercial and industrial customers choose chain link fences for their security. Because of their height, chain link fences can protect pedestrians from falling objects on a site. They can also come with barbed wire on the top, keeping unwanted visitors away. They are easy to construct and remove, making them great for on-the-go work. B & B Fencing, Inc., also offers temporary chain link fence rentals for commercial use.

Chain link fences can work as residential fences, though, too. These fences are great for keeping pets in the yard and animals like deer or coyotes away.


Aluminum Fences Are a Great Residential Fence Option

Finally, we want to focus our attention on aluminum fences. Like vinyl fences, aluminum fences will not need much maintenance over the years. Aluminum fences can also mimic the look of wrought iron or other metals, giving your home a sleek appearance. Aluminum is rust-proof and comes in many styles that will best suit your property.

Business owners looking for secure privacy fences may not find this with aluminum. However, different styles and height options can help to provide a little more security.


Choose B & B Fencing, Inc., for Residential and Commercial Fences

B & B Fencing, Inc., offers residential fence and commercial fence installation and repair in the New River Valley. Fences are a great addition to any property. They can add protection, privacy, and a little style to any home or business. If you are looking for new residential and commercial fences, or need an existing fence repaired, call us. Located in Riner, VA, B & B Fencing, Inc., proudly serves home and business owners in the New River Valley.


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