Keep Livestock and Crops Protected with a Durable Farm Fence

B & B Fencing, Inc. Installs and Repairs Farm Fences in the New River Valley

Farming comes with its own stressors, including keeping crops and livestock safe from outside threats. Fences can work to separate valuable crops from hungry livestock. B & B Fencing, Inc. offers fence installation and repair for farms throughout the New River Valley. Common styles of farm fencing include three or four board, barbed wire, woven wire cable, hi-tensile, electric, or a combination of these styles. B & B Fencing, Inc. also installs dog runs and electric lines to keep your canines safe. Custom orders are available if you are interested in a decorative fence. Call us today at (540) 392-5727 for a free estimate on a farm fence in Riner, VA, or the surrounding areas. Our staff will be happy to go over your needs and ideas for your new fence. We also provide hauling to remove old fences or any debris from installation and repair services.

Benefits of Barbed Wire Farm Fences

Barbed wire is a common material used for farm fences and best suits larger animals. While barbed wire does not keep other animals, like deer, out of your space, it does deter larger livestock from getting too close to the fence. The animals may begin to associate bumping or rubbing on the wires with slight pricks, keeping them from bothering the fence. While barbed wire fences may seem easy to install, it is best to trust a professional to ensure the spacing is correct, and that the wires are properly and securely placed to avoid injury or escape. Trust B & B Fencing, Inc. for successful and affordable barbed wire fence installation.

Horse Fence Installation and Repair in Riner, VA

Horse fences, as the name suggests, are perfect for keeping horses safe in their grazing area. Horse fences come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of your farm, including board fences and woven wire. These fences are smooth, and keep your horses from scratching themselves. Call B & B Fencing, Inc. for an estimate, or for more information about horse fence installation in Riner, VA.

If your current horse fence needs repaired, B & B Fencing, Inc. can do that, too. From rewiring, to clearing tree limbs or brush, we will have your fence repaired in no time.

B & B Fencing, Inc. Installs Hi-Tensile Fences for Farms

Hi-tensile fencing is, in some cases, a better alternative to barbed wire. Hi-tensile can be electric or non-electric, conforms to temperature changes, and is relatively maintenance-free. It is also known to last longer than traditional barbed wire fences. B & B Fencing, Inc. installs hi-tensile fences for farms throughout the New River Valley. Contact us today to get more information about hi-tensile fence or other farm fence installation and repair.