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Common DIY Fence Installation Mistakes

B & B Fencing, Inc. Can Help With Your Fence Installation Projects

There are common DIY fence installation mistakes homeowners should be aware of. B & B Fencing, Inc. in Riner, VA offers the best advice for do-it-yourself fence construction. Are you the kind of person that loves doing the work by yourself? There’s a lot of pride in saying you did the work yourself. The same goes for when you are building your own home fencing, no matter the material.

But do you know exactly all the aspects you should consider? There are many mistakes people make that impact if you get the project done right. If you make these mistakes, it could cost you both time and money. In this month’s blog, we write about common DIY fence installation mistakes.

A Lack of Planning Can Derail the Project Before It Begins

How familiar are you with the expression that failing to plan is planning to fail? That can be true for any do-it-yourself project, and fences are no exception. There are some common issues that come up. They include not knowing your property line, as well as local zoning and construction ordinances. It also doesn’t help when you don’t have a blueprint to work off of for your project. This could result in legal action taken against you, and added costs for having to move your fence. That can make this experience even more stressful than it already is.

Forgetting to Call Before You Begin Digging Up the Holes for Your Fence

Have you ever seen those Call 811 commercials? Those commercials are trying to bring to your attention the dangers with digging. One wrong move, and that could not only impact your home, but your entire neighborhood. Those could result in costly repairs, and even serious injury and death. The individuals who work at your local 811 center can help you. They know how to determine where those utility lines are. The markings will either generally be paint or flags, so you know where danger lies. Do you need more information on how marking for these lines gets done? Check out these tips from Call811.

Incorrect Measuring of Each Section Can Wreak Havoc on Your Work

Have you taken a close look at the construction materials you are using? Have you looked at the size you purchased? Did you take proper measurements on your property? Not doing so can lead to another sign of trouble. Your sections could be one size. But you may have measured for a size that is either too big or too small. That can add even more stress and hassle to an already difficult project. If you are in that spot, that will require more changes before installation. The same applies for when deciding how deep you need the fence dug into the ground for long-term stability.

Improper Construction Techniques Present Troubles for You

Have you ever tried to assemble a bookshelf or other furniture in your home? Chances are they came with instructions, and you followed them for getting the work done. There are certain practices you should follow when building your fences, too. The post is the most important part of completing the job. Your fence panels will need to fill in the gaps between the posts so the project turns out the way you want. It will also hold the fence in place long after construction is done.

Keep in Mind You Can Always Hire a Fencing Contractor for the Job

If you are having trouble with your project, you can always hire a contractor. They know the resources you need for an appropriate fence project. They ensure that your project meets the appropriate guidelines for your area. They can design an effective blueprint. It will account for the potential dangers your property has. Contractors also know the best practices for setting your posts. That guarantees they are sturdy and durable for a long time. Building a fence as a DIY project may be something you want. But remember that if you don’t know, or aren’t sure of what you’re doing, calling an expert doesn’t hurt.

B & B Fencing Inc. is the Best Fence Maintenance Authority Around

When you want the best advice for your DIY fencing project, count on B & B Fencing Inc. in Riner, VA. We have a team of experts that know the ins and outs of building fences. Our team has the best tips and tricks for proper residential fence construction. You want a fence for a variety of reasons. Let us show you how to make that dream a reality. We can help you do that while help you stay on budget.

Our friends and neighbors trust our 35 years of experience for when they need fencing work. Find out why we are the Riner, VA, area’s premier fencing contractor. Reach us today when you want an appointment and a free estimate for your fencing project. We are ready to help you with the work you need done.


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