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Best Type of Fencing for Keeping Animals Out of Your Yard

B & B Fencing, Inc. is Ready to Help You Keep Out Unwanted Visitors

B & B Fencing, Inc. knows the best types of fencing for keeping animals out of your yard. There are some residents in the Riner, VA, area that like seeing wildlife in their backyard. But maybe you don’t want to see deer, rabbits, and other wild four-legged visitors on our property. Many times, when they do visit you, they can leave serious damage behind. That can decrease property value, and lead to additional maintenance. In this month’s blog, we focus on the best type of fencing for keeping animals out of your yard. Our ideas are courtesy of The Spruce.



Metal Wire Fencing is Ready to Stand Up to Roaming Animals

If you want a simple installation job, choose metal wire fencing. This fencing has heavy gauge metal wires, which form rectangles. It’s an even better option for those who are gardeners. It has great durability, and can stand up to animals and weather.



Split Rail Fencing Does a Great Job Keeping Unwanted Animals Out

Do you live near a farm? You know the need to keep cows, sheep, horses, pigs, and other animals away from your yard. Split rail fencing is a great way to keep your farm livestock from roaming free, and visiting neighbors. Two and three rail fences are most common among property owners.



Privacy Fences Add Beauty While Adding Protection of Your Home

Solid wood privacy fences are normally six feet tall, and can be of different species of wood. Wood fences help keep deer from roaming onto your property. While the privacy obstructs your view, it may be worth it to get the security you need.



Polypropylene Mesh Fencing Offers an Affordable Installation

Much of the same benefits to metal wire fencing apply here, too. They attach to vertical posts to form their barrier. It’s not as attractive looking, and needs to be put together tightly. Deer, however, tend to break through these easily. Mesh is also almost invisible to the naked eye. Chain link fences are also perfect for those who are considering this option.


Do you need more information on the best fencing types against animals? Give the experts at B&B Fencing, Inc. a call at (540) 392- 5727. Our superb fencing gurus have the knowledge you need for your situation. We are happy to discuss more about the best fencing types for keeping animals out of your yard.