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Benefits of Aluminum Fences for Your Home or Business

Are You Thinking About Changing Your Fence? Make it Aluminum!

If you’re considering adding a new fence to your property, we urge you to consider the benefits of aluminum fences. There are many different types of fences on the market, and choosing one may feel overwhelming. With so many materials, colors, and styles, which will work best for your home or business?

This month, we’re going to cover some of the benefits of aluminum fences for both residential and commercial properties. Be sure that you can make a well-informed decision before choosing your new fence. Most fences can last for years, and you want to make sure that you’ll love it.


Aluminum Fences Have Many Benefits for Your Home or Business

When thinking of an aluminum fence, what comes to mind? You may think that aluminum fences are cheap and aren’t as durable, compared to steel or wood. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Aluminum is a great option for any property. It comes in many colors and styles, and it can withstand most climates. Family Handyman lists a few of the benefits of aluminum fences:

  • Low-maintenance
  • Doesn’t rot
  • Rust-free
  • Has an “expensive” look
  • Budget-friendly


Are these things that you are looking for in a new fence? Consider adding an aluminum fence to your property. The team of fence contractors at B & B Fencing in Riner, VA, will be happy to discuss your ideas and get the job done right.

As Angi reminds us, aluminum fences are not the best for privacy. In short, if you’re looking for a privacy fence, you may want to opt for vinyl. Our fence contractors can install any type of fence material.


Low-Maintenance Fence Options for Any Property

One of the biggest benefits of aluminum fences is that they are low-maintenance. When you install a new fence, you need to know that it will withstand harsh weather and wear-and-tear. Some fences, like wrought iron or wood, will need regular maintenance to keep them strong and looking great. However, aluminum fences do not require this maintenance.

As the fence ages, you may need to touch up small dings after hits or harsh weather. Spraying it off with water from your hose will help to remove any dirt or stains from the surface. Talk to the team at B & B Fencing, Inc., for additional fence maintenance tips.


Aluminum Fences are Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting

Another benefit of aluminum fences is that they’re cost-effective. If you have a smaller or tighter budget, you may not want to spend “an-arm-and-a-leg” on a fence. For some, they may feel that this will also sacrifice quality. That being said, aluminum fences are very cost-effective. They have a low installation cost and can last for many years – even up to 50 years!

Aluminum can come in various picket styles. This means that you can mimic the look of metal or wrought iron for a fraction of the cost. It’s also lightweight and looks great on anyone’s property. Most aluminum fences come in black, white, green, or beige. This means that you can find beautiful, neutral fence options to match the aesthetic of your home or business.


Rust-Free and Rot-Free Fence Options

As part of aluminum’s low-maintenance advantage, you can expect your new fence to be rust- and rot-free. Unlike metal or wood, aluminum can withstand weather, pests, and other issues. Instead of annually sealing or patching up rust spots, you can count on having a strong, durable fence for years to come.

Rust can weaken a metal fence and cause damage or breakage. If you want a durable fence, consider aluminum. You could choose between a shorter decorative fence or a tall security fence. Add some spikes or post points for added protection.

One thing to keep in mind above all is that aluminum fences may get dents from getting hit with things like balls or other objects. Be sure to treat your fence with care and fix dents right away. B & B Fencing, Inc., in Riner, VA, can provide any necessary fence repairs in the New River Valley.


B & B Fencing, Inc., Offers the Benefits of Aluminum Fences

B & B Fencing, Inc., has more than 30 years of experience in aluminum fence installation and repair. As you have read, aluminum has many benefits and can work well in virtually any space. If you are considering installing a new aluminum fence on your property in Riner, VA, or the surrounding areas, let our fence contractors help. In addition, we can provide any style or color, along with other options like wood, wrought iron, and vinyl.

Have you decided on an aluminum fence for your property in the New River Valley? Contact B & B Fencing, Inc., today. Our staff will be happy to discuss the project with you and promptly install the fence.


Are you looking for an experienced fence contractor in the New River Valley? Call B & B Fencing, Inc., in Riner, VA, today at (540) 392-5727 for more information on our fence services. Ask us about the benefits of aluminum fences.